My co-authors:

Jason A. Aimone -  Baylor University, USA

Jon Behar -  "A Path That's Clear", The Life you can Save

Jean Claude Dreher - Cognitive Neuroscience Center, CNRS , France

Jeffrey R. Horn - General Assembly Inc.

Daniel E. Houser - George Mason University, USA

John A. List - University of Chicago, USA

Rob Metcalfe - Boston University, USA 

Elise Metereau - Cognitive Neuroscience Center, CNRS, France 

Thomas Stratmann,  George Mason University, USA

Daniel Tannenbaum, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA

Dmitry Taubinsky, Dartmouth College, USA

Marie Claire Villeval, GATE Lab, CNRS, France

Non peer-reviewed work: 

Here is a link to some of the articles (in Italian) I wrote for my column "Mind & society" on the Italian newspaper La Voce d'Italia. The goal of the column was to popularize research in behavioral and experimental economics.